Fee Information and Arrangement


The amount of the legal fees charged by Donatelli Law LLC is dependent upon the type and complexity of the legal case involved.

The following are typical fee arrangements, which are reflected in a written fee contract signed by the lawyer and the client.

A. Flat Fee

The total amount of fee due for the specific legal services rendered. A flat fee is typical in criminal and traffic cases.


B. Hourly basis

A refundable retainer for a minimum number of hours, then hourly billing thereafter on a monthly basis while the case reaches conclusion


C. Contingent Fee

This arrangement is typical when the case involves personal injury or wrongful death. The attorney fee is paid as a percentage of financial recovery in the case. If there is no recovery, no fees will be charged.


In almost all cases, the Clerk of Courts requires a deposit for court costs prior to the commencement of the case. The amount of legal fee quoted does not include court costs, and as a result an additional deposit will be required.


In many cases, additional expenses are incurred by the lawyer on behalf of the client, which are required to be reimbursed. Typical additional expenses include but are not limited to expenses are for copies, official documents, court records, deposition costs and court stenographer costs.


The customary hourly fee is $200.00 per hour, which includes all court time and case preparation. When possible, a paralegal will be used to perform routine case preparation, and will be billed at the rate of $75.00 per hour. 

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